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BGT is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based Corporation. BGT has developed a unique process for converting sugars into butyric acid and then into hydrocarbons that can be used with or replace gasoline. BGT has a team of dedicated individuals with experience in development and research, petrochemicals, process and business integration, market intelligence, industry standards, and intellectual property management that includes the biofuel and petroleum industries.

The founding team consists of an experienced chemist with fuel development experience and an issued patent on biofuels, a chemical engineer with specific industry experience and a business developer with experience as a new technologies integrator and marketer.

BGT is actively forming partnerships with universities and business throughout the world. 

The founders' original company, CPS Biofuels Inc. is dedicated to the development and marketing of renewable fuel additives and replacement of MTBE with a ecofriendly oxygenate with improved performance over ethanol.

If you are interested in a partnership or becoming an investor please contact us at:

phone: 860-655-5253